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Oregon Juvenile Expungements

Are juvenile records automatically sealed in the state of Oregon? No.  The government will not automatically provide a juvenile expungement.

How do the juvenile statutes define expunction? The removal and destruction or sealing of a judgment or order related to a contact and all records and references; and where a record is kept by the Department of Human Services or the Oregon Youth Authority, either the sealing of such record by the department or the Oregon Youth Authority or, in a multi-person file, the affixing to the front of the file, by the department or the youth authority, a stamp or statement identifying the name of the individual, the date of expunction and instruction that no further reference shall be made to the material that is subject to the expunction order except upon an order of a court of competent jurisdiction. See ORS 419A.260(1)(b)(A)(B).

How long must I wait to expunge my juvenile record? At least five years since the date of the person’s most recent termination, if the person has not been convicted of a felony or a Class A misdemeanor. See ORS 419A.262(2)(a)(b).

Who must receive notice of a juvenile expungement? The district attorney and the person whose record is expunged must receive notice. In turn, the district attorney must notify any victim of the pending expunction. See ORS 419A.262(10).

Does the Department of Human Services have any administrative procedures for processing juvenile expunctions? Yes. See OAR 413-350-0100 through 413-350-0140.

What statute Governs Oregon Juvenile Expungements? ORS 419A.260 through ORS 419A.262.

Disclaimer: This is generalized expungement advice only. Oregon statutes periodically change and this website may not always be regularly updated. This information is not a substitute to individual legal advice on how to obtain an expunction/expungement of your Oregon juvenile criminal record.