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You signed a new rental agreement or lease agreement with your new landlord. You’ve paid a HEFTY deposit. Eventually, you’re going to want that deposit back, so, what do you do?

Well, it starts upon move-in.

Do a walk through with your landlord prior to initial move-in.

Keep a copy of the walk through checklist.

Take photos and/or videos of the entire unit. Be sure and video tape any repairs that are needed or any dirt in any nooks or crannies of the rental unit.

During the tenancy, avoid causing any damage to the unit besides normal wear and tear.

Adhere to all requirements of your rental/lease agreement, provided they are not contrary to Oregon law.

Give proper written notice to your landlord of your move out date.

Clean the unit and repair any damage you caused beyond normal wear and tear.

Ask for a walk through at the end of your tenancy, so you have the opportunity to clean or fix anything prior to surrendering the unit. If your landlord refuses, document their refusal.

Take photos and videos at the end of your tenancy of the rental unit in the condition you left it.

Provide a forwarding address to your landlord.

Notify your landlord that you have vacated and return any keys.

Your landlord must return your deposit or an accounting of your deposit in 31 days.

If your landlord fails to return your deposit or withholds it in bad faith, you are entitled to double the amount wrongfully withheld and your attorney fees and cost if the case must be litigated.

We here at Clark Law and Associates are happy to write letters and or file lawsuits on your behalf if your deposit was wrongfully withheld. Please give us a call at (503) 238-1010 to schedule an initial consultation at a reduced hourly rate.