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Landlord FAQs

We are temporarily suspending the acceptance of landlord cases so we can responsibly manage our existing caseload.

If you are an attorney licensed in Oregon and are interested in representing landlord/tenant cases, please send a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to Managing Attorney, Jennie Clark.

Frequently Asked Questions by Oregon Landlords

Are there any new changes in the law that I should be aware of as an Oregon landlord?  Oregon landlord / tenant law changes annually, sometimes even monthly, making it one of the fastest changing areas of the law.

For instance, Portland implemented a 90 day notice requirement for no-cause evictions which took effect November 13, 2015. There is an exception for week to week tenancies and when tenants occupy the same dwelling unit as the landlord.

See Portland City Code 30.01.085.(B).

What are the common mistakes that landlords make in Oregon?

  1. Failure to adhere to the technicalities necessary for proper notice under the landlord/tenant act.
  2. Failure to adequately address tenant complaints, especially complaints regarding safety and habitability.
  3. Failure to reasonably accommodate tenants who claim a disability.
  4. Charging tenants for things prohibited in the landlord/tenant act.
  5. Failure to properly refund deposits in a timely manner.
  6. Failure to properly deal with tenant’s property after the tenant has vacated.
  7. Failure to have a clear written rental agreement and clear policies that apply to all tenants.
  8. Failure to require adequate deposits or do background checks prior to renting.
  9. Retaliating against a tenant who makes a governmental complaint.
  10. Failure to properly adhere to the eviction process as outlined in the landlord/tenant act.

Many landlords express moral justification in the positions they take. However, some tenants prove very experienced in gaming the system without regard for what is right. It is our job as Portland attorneys to give legal advice and help landlords to systematically adhere to Oregon’s technical legal requirements.

If you’re a landlord and need help with a landlord/tenant case, give the experienced legal team at Clark Law and Associates, LLC, in Portland a call at (503) 238-1010.