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Oregon Slip and falls on Ice

Oregon Slip and Falls due to Ice

If you slipped and fell on an Oregonian’s property is due to ice, call (503) 238-1010 to speak with one of our attorneys at Clark Law and Associates, LLC for a contingency fee case evaluation.

Many cities in the state of Oregon have statutes that make property owners and businesses strictly liable for injuries due to the non-removal of snow and ice.   For instance, Portland Oregon has two applicable city codes for slip and falls due to ice:

  • Portland City Code 17.28.025:  Under Portland, Oregon city code the “owner(s) and/or occupant(s) of land adjacent to any street” in the city of Portland are “responsible for snow and ice removal from sidewalks abutting or immediately adjacent to such land, notwithstanding any time limitations” and are responsible for any injuries as a result of failing to remove ice and snow accumulations.
  • Portland City Code 17.28.020:  In most situations, the owner(s) of land abutting any street in the city of Portland, Oregon are responsible for “constructing, reconstructing, maintaining and repairing the sidewalks, curbs, driveways and parking strips abutting or immediately adjacent” to the land they own.

If your city in Oregon does not have such an ordinance, then you would have to prove that the business/property owner failed to use reasonable care under the circumstances to remove the snow and/or ice and/or warn of the dangerous condition, if it wasn’t already obvious.

If you can prove that business/property owner is negligent, factors used to determine your case value are here.

If you believe that you may have a slip and fall case for which you are eligible or if you would like a consultation to determine if your case is worth pursuing, call the Clark Law and Associates, L.L.C. at (503) 238-1010 for free phone consultation on the matter.