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Preserving Evidence

What do I need to do to preserve evidence in my Oregon Product Liability case?


  • Keep all receipts or other purchase records.
  • Take photos
  • Carefully preserve any evidence and document the location of evidence at all times.
  • Call us at (503) 238-1010 to draft a letter requesting the at-fault party to preserve all evidence in the at-fault party’s possession.
  • Document the location and how evidence in your possession is preserved.
  • Determine how to best preserve your evidence based upon the type of evidence; e.g. some evidence may need to be frozen or kept dry etc.
  • If appropriate, have the product tested by an independent company or agency.
    • Purity Laboratories is a lab Lake Oswego, Oregon.
    • Any other qualified independent lab that is near where you live is also fine.
  • Promptly make an incident report to the at-fault party.
  • Seek prompt medical/dental attention, if reasonable to do so.
  • Document Injuries
  • Document Wage Loss
    • Obtain a doctor’s release for any missed work
    • Maintain pay stubs before and after missed work and the time during which the work was missed.