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Personal Injury Claims Against the Government

In addition to meeting the Oregon or Washington State statute of limitations, tort claim notice is required to be filed when any governmental agency is involved in negligent or intentional conduct causing personal injury.  In Oregon cases, it is especially important to obtain legal representation early so all deadlines are properly met.  Call one of our attorneys at (503) 238-1010 for an evaluation of your personal injury case involving a governmental entity.

If Clark Law and Associates, LLC accepts your personal case on a contingency fee basis, we promptly provide tort claim notice as part of our representation. Even if we are unwilling to accept your case on a contingency fee basis, we are usually willing to give proper tort claim notice on an hourly or flat fee basis so that you have time to find another attorney to handle your case.  Below are examples of case types where tort claim notice is required:

  • Auto accident with a TriMet bus or any vehicle driven by a state or federal government employee
  • Medical Malpractice in a State-run hospital
  • Premises liability case on government property
  • Police misconduct
  • Dog Bites by Governmental dogs
  • Governmental Landlords or Tenants

Oregon Tort Claim Notice

In the state of Oregon you must give proper Tort Claim Notice within 180 days under O.R.S. 30.275 to preserve your state law claims in relation to any government agent or employee. Tort claim notice preserves your Oregon State law claims. If you fail to provide tort claim notice within 180 days, you will lose your state law claims.

Oregon wrongful death tort claim notice:  In Oregon, you have one year to file a tort claim notice in the case of wrongful death.  The time period to give tort claim notice may be extended if an injured person is unable to give tort claim notice due to injury caused by the government or a governmental agent or because of minority, incompetency or other incapacity.  In some types of cases, there are only state and not federal remedies available. If your case has federal remedies available, then you may still have a viable case.

Washington State Tort Claim Notice

Under RCW 4.96.020(4), proper tort claim notice must be filed 60 days prior to filing a lawsuit.  Currently, we are not handling any police misconduct cases in the State of Washington or any Washington State cases involving federal issues or the risk of removal to Federal court.  Clark Law and Associates, LLC has Oregon members of the Federal Bar but not Washington members of the Federal Bar.  Attorney Jennie Clark is a licensed member of the Washington Bar for state law claims only.

Disclaimer: Legal information on this site is only for general purposes and may not be timely updated. Any information on this site is not a substitute for legal representation and application of the current laws to your case.