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Toto the Law Dog

Toto is the top law dog in the West. He is a purebred Blue Merle AKC registered Pomeranian. His breeder thought he was the “ugliest” dog in the litter and sold him for dirt cheap. Toto redeemed himself by earning his dogtorate degree from Pet Smart back in 2009 and by curing Attorney Jennie Clark of her phobia of dogs.

He now works at Clark Law and Associates, LLC as a therapy dog. He specializes in passive listening and giving comfort to staff and clients in need, while keeping everyone’s confidentialities. If his services are not appreciated, his feelings are hurt when he is locked in another room, but he kind of understands he cannot always be present.

Toto’s hobbies:

  • Include walking in the doggie park, running along the beach and doing tricks for treats.

Educational Background:

  • Petsmart- Dogtorate 2009

Billing Rate:

  • Every time Ms. Clark gives Toto a paycheck he chews it up. He is pro bone. He accepts dog bones and doggie treats as tips to supplement the checks he doesn’t cash. Occasionally, he will accept a case pro bono.

Other skills:

  • Bi-lingual in English and Thai
    • Note: If you say “sawad dee,” he will shake your hand American style.

Anecdote: One day a client who had been bitten on the face by a dog came to pick up her settlement check for the dog bite incident. Toto had been put in another room because she had experienced trauma from the surgery necessary to reattach her face due to the dog attack. Ms. Clark was horrified when Toto got loose and jumped on the woman’s lap and started licking her face. Ms. Clark ordered Toto down and apologized profusely but the woman said, “No, this is wonderful! Let him stay. This is the perfect ending to have a big check in hand and a dog licking my face.