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Oregon Appeals

A very low percentage of civil cases go to the Oregon appellate courts. Clark Law and Associates, LLC occasionally handles Oregon civil appeals.

How long does a party have to appeal an arbitration award in Oregon?
Under UTCR 13.250 you have 20 days to appeal once the judgment is entered.

Is there any risk in appealing an arbitration award? Yes. If the he position of the appealing party is not improved after trial, the appealing party shall be taxed the reasonable attorney fees, costs and disbursements of the non-appealing party. ORS 36.425(4)(b).

How long does a party have to appeal an Oregon trial award?
If either party is unhappy with the trial award and if the judge abused her/his discretion during trial both parties have 30 days to file an appeal under ORAP 2.05.

Must Corporations be represented by an attorney at the appellate level? Under ORS 9.320 a corporation must be represented at the appellate level by an attorney who is an active member of the Oregon State Bar.