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Stalking Orders


Oregon Stalking Orders

Stalking Order Attorneys in Oregon

At Clark Law and Associates, LLC, we have attorneys experienced in handling Oregon stalking orders.

What is a stalking protective order?

The purpose of a stalking protective order is to force anyone who has been harassing you or your family to leave you alone. Once a stalking order is in place, the police are required to arrest the stalker if the stalker continues to stalk.  Stalking orders cover the widest set of people and behaviors of any Oregon protective order.  There does not have to be any particular relationship between the petitioner or respondent, meaning they can be complete strangers to one another.

What does one need to prove to get a stalking order?

To obtain an Oregon stalking order, the petitioner (person being stalked) must prove that the respondent (stalker) has had two or more “stalking contacts” directed towards the petitioner or the petitioner’s family within the last two years.

What is a stalking contact?

A stalking contact is any unwanted contact that causes the petitioner to be alarmed or coerced. This means that the petitioner was frightened or forced to alter their behavior in some way because of the respondent’s conduct. These repeated and unwanted contacts must cause an objectively reasonable fear for the safety of the petitioner or petitioner’s family.  Stalking contact includes more than physical abuse or threatened physical abuse.  Stalking behavior also includes weird and alarming behavior, such as masturbating in front of someone’s bedroom window or repeatedly following someone with no legitimate purpose.

Can a person who has been a victim of stalking get time off work?  Yes.