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Criminal Expungements



Clark Law & Associates, LLC accepts criminal expungement cases in Oregon!

For those who qualify, one of our attorneys at Clark Law and Associates, LLC, based in Portland, Oregon, can expunge your criminal record, which means that one of our attorneys can prepare and file all necessary motions, orders and affidavits to seal your criminal record.  Once your record is expunged, you can legally state you have not been arrested or convicted.

Any Oregon County:  Our Portland lawyers can accept an expungement case in any Oregon county, regardless of your residence.  We can handle your case via mail, fax and/or e-mail.

Fingerprints:  Fingerprints are no extra charge only if you come to our office.  If you are unable to visit our office, fingerprints can usually be obtained for a nominal fee by a local police or sheriffs department.

Travel, Employment and Housing protection:  An arrest record or criminal conviction record often affects one’s ability to obtain housing or employment. Some countries will not allow entry or delay entry if you have a criminal background.

Please feel free to telephone Clark Law and Associates, LLC to determine your eligibility for an Oregon expungement at (503) 238-1010. If an attorney is not available, a legal assistant will ask relevant questions for attorney review to determine expungement eligibility.

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