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Jennie Clark, Attorney At Law

Attorney Jennie Clark is the company owner and founder of Clark Law & Associates in Portland, Oregon.

In late 2014, she changed the business name from Jennie Clark, Attorney at Law, LLC to Clark Law and Associates, LLC, retaining Jennie Clark, Attorney at Law, LLC as a DBA of Clark Law and Associates, LLC.

Ms. Clark graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of Law law school with the goal of working as a lawyer in criminal defense. For the first four years of her practice she worked primarily on both court-appointed and privately retained criminal defense cases, which helped her to gain valuable trial experience.

After multiple auto accidents early in her career, she suffered compounded whiplash. (See long version) While finding her way through a maze of medical providers and working with the insurance companies to receive payment for her injuries, she became interested in personal injury law. Since then, Ms. Clark has expanded her practice to include a combination of civil and criminal practice areas in Portland, Oregon, and Washington State.

Educational Background of Jennie L. Clark, Attorney at Law:

Professional Memberships:


  • Dance
  • Skydiving (A-licensed)

Name Change:  Jina Clark, Legal name change coming soon!

WHY MY NAME CHANGE?  Phonetically a Jenny is a female mule or donkey.  I am letting go of my identity as an over-burdened mule.  I am Jina now.  A Jina is an exemplar of self-discipline. I am optimizing my habits so I increasingly earn more with a lighter workload allowing me to appreciate all aspects of life.    

And if you’re ready to retain Jennie and the Clark Law and Associates, LLC team, call us at (503) 238-1010.