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Landlord-tenant attorney

Caleb Dorrance

Caleb Dorrance specializes in Landlord/Tenant law.

Caleb Dorrance became interested in Landlord/Tenant law while attending school at Colorado State University. At the time, he and his roommates rented a home from a what seemed like a reasonable owner for a one-year period. At the end of the lease the property owner refused to return the security deposit despite the home being restored to its previous condition. Caleb and his roommates felt helpless and were now out of the rental deposit they had pulled together by working their low paying part-time jobs. This is a situation that many renters find themselves in and is a common theme across the industry.

 On the flip side of this, Caleb was inspired by the value generation of property and after graduation entered the housing market as a property manager of a vacation rental of a beach front property. Caleb was sure to treat guests fairly and studied up on the local, state, and federal rules of housing to be sure that guests, tenants, contractors, managers, and owners knew their responsibilities and acted accordingly. Caleb continued to operate the vacation rental until he entered law school in 2017.

 Upon graduating law school from Loyola University, he knew that Landlord/Tenant law is the field for him. Now Caleb represents both Landlords and Tenants with vigor to make sure that both sides are complying with the many laws in this industry.

 Caleb can help you stay out of legal trouble or get you out of legal trouble, call Caleb Dorrance today.  (503) 238-1010 ext 1002.